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Welcome to your one-stop resource for a life-changing journey. I hope to inspire you to travel more and provide information for your next trip. I have been all around the world with my hubby James and my daughter Madison and we want you to start traveling with your family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Is Mexico City Safe – Advice For Staying Safe in Mexico

Is Mexico City Safe? While Mexico City is slowly becoming a top destination amongst travelers if you tell your friends or family that you're going to Mexico City, the first thing most people will ask "Is Mexico City Safe?."  Contrary to popular belief, Mexico City is not a dangerous place to visit for your next vacation.  As with any other major city there are spots you should ... VIEW POST

Is It Safe To Travel To Mexico? What Every Traveler Should Know

Is Mexico Safe? This is the question that thousands of travelers are asking as they prepare to descend upon Mexico for summer vacation.  For years I wouldn't travel to Mexico because the U.S. media painted this horrific picture of Mexico - I believed Mexico was dangerous, I would be killed, Mexico wasn't safe or I would be kidnapped and held for ransom by the cartel. As my readers are ... VIEW POST

The Ultimate Guide to Dollywood Theme Park

Dollywood is set in the spectacular Smoky Mountain and offers the perfect backdrop for a family weekend getaway with theme park rides and attractions.  Heart stopping roller coasters, adventurous water excursions, family and kiddie rides are all available at Dollywood.  Although Dollywood doesnt have all of the bells and whistles of a Universal Studio or Walt Disney World it is ... VIEW POST

Easy 30 Minute Southern Cabbage and Sausage Recipe

My Fried Cabbage and Sausage recipe is one of my favorite easy go-to recipes. I love that it's so cheap and easy to prepare after a long of work and running the kids around from activity to activity.  There is usually enough leftover for the dinner the next night which is even better.   I didn't always like cabbage because growing up I always felt it was too soggy and not ... VIEW POST

The Best Hotels Near The Island in Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is my "Go To" destination spot for a quick getaway whether it's a weekend trip with my husband or I just need some alone time to recharge at St. Somewhere Spa.  I have been visiting Pigeon Forge for the last two years and Margaritaville Island Hotel is a one-stop shop for dining, shopping, spa services, rides, and did I mention food.   There are 16 restaurants on the ... VIEW POST

When Will We Be Able To Travel To Latin America & The Caribbean Again?

We are three months into the lockdown due to COVID-19 and everybody including myself is wondering when can we travel again? Several Caribbean island nations and Latin America are prepared to reopen their borders starting June 1st 2020.  We are all desperate and asking when is it safe to fly again? What will travel be like? Will you feel safe traveling? What are countries doing to ensure ... VIEW POST