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16 Dreamiest Towns On The Amalfi Coast

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The Amalfi Coast is a 34-mile-long region in Campania, Italy. The area is dotted with 500-foot-tall cliffs and 100 beaches, as well as 13 adorable seaside towns.

These Amalfi Coast towns will have you dreaming about a trip to Italy.

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We all have watched videos of locals singing from their balconies, soaked up the cinematic sun in the Disney/Pixar film Luca, and ate vicariously through Stanly Tucci’s Searching Itlay.

The only question left is what is the best Amalfi town to visit on your next trip to this romantic coastline?

It’s hard to decide which town on the Amalfi Coast deserves the top spot since they’re all so beautiful and unique in their own ways.

However, one thing that can help you decide is knowing what you want out of your experience on the Amalfi Coast — are you looking for a town with lots of activities, or do you want to just relax and enjoy beautiful scenic views?

While there is a lot to love about the Amalfi Coast from the cliffs, small beaches, fishing villages, and stunning views the Amalfi Coast is also more crowded and expensive than other regions of Italy.

The secret to enjoying your visit to the coast is understanding which Amalfi Coast towns you should visit.

I promise you will not be disappointed no matter which town you decide to make your home base because Amalfi has some of the best towns in Italy.

From quaint streets that are lined by small shops selling ceramic pottery, handmade leather goods, and lemon-infused candies, and cafés with terrace seating are perfect for sipping on an Aperol Spritz while people-watching.

Whether you’re looking for beach clubs or romantic vistas, these are the five best Amalfi Coast towns.

The best towns on Amalfi Coast are in close proximity to Sorrento, Naples, Pompeii, and Vesuvius which all offer tourists the perfect opportunity to learn about the region’s historical significance while exploring its scenic and beautiful landscape.


Towns on Amalfi Coast

Best Amalfi Coast Towns

  1. Praiano
  2. Amalfi Coast
  3. Ravello
  4. Capri
  5. Ischia
  6. Positano
  7. Sorrento
  8. Maiori
  9. Atrani
  10. Cetara
  11. Conca dei Marini
  12. Erchie
  13. Furore
  14. Pietre
  15. Nocelle
  16. Vietri sul Mare

1. Praiano

This small town on Italy’s coast is an ideal base for exploring southern Italy. While most tourists visit during the summer months, winter is a great time to experience Praiano’s spectacular beaches and scenic coastline.

As one of the best towns on Italy’s coast, Praiano is a great place to kick back and relax before heading into hilltop towns like Ravello or Salerno.

It also provides easy access to Rome, Naples, and Pompeii—not to mention it’s only about a two-hour drive from Naples International Airport (NAP).

From its beautiful whitewashed architecture to its friendly locals, there are many reasons why travelers love Praiano.

There are plenty of reasons why you should add Praiano to your next vacation in Italy from the extensive beaches to families with young children, Lungomare di Levante is a great choice as there are plenty of activities like sandcastle building and swimming.

For couples looking for some romance or those traveling solo who want to meet new people while hitting up some hotspots along Europe’s southwest Mediterranean coast, head over to Ocean Club Beach where you can hang out at Club Soleil Beach Bar & Restaurant.

It is well worth the journey to stay at Hotel Onda Verde and enjoy lunch or dinner at il Pirata where a cluster of tables on a wooden platform is the very definition of al fresco dining.

Order some fresh fish and pasta accompanied by a crisp local wine and listen to the waves crash against the rocks below! You will not regret stopping in Praiano.

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2. Amalfi Coast

It’s not hard to see why most people who visit Italy’s Amalfi coast plan on making it a stop along their itinerary.

This charming stretch of coastline is a postcard waiting to happen, and your trip to Italy won’t be complete without at least one stroll through its narrow cobblestone streets.

With so many villages filled with stunning architecture, from Roman ruins and beautiful churches to Renaissance palaces and lavish villas, you’re going to want to spend plenty of time exploring everything that it has to offer.

If you only have a few days in which to do so, Amalfi is definitely worth adding to your list from the quaint shops selling coral jewelry, painted ceramics, and hand-made stationery, to handcrafted leather goods.

If you decide to make Amalfi your home base I suggest the five-star Hotel Santa Caterina, set in a 19th-century, liberty-style villa above the sea.  Hotel Santa Caterina suites are fitted with colorful tile floors, white linens, and great views.

Grab your hubby and enjoy the private pool and beach club. 

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3. Ravello

Ravello is one of many idyllic villages located along Italy’s fabled Amalfi Coast.

In Ravello, you’ll find panoramic views that stretch across both land and sea – and since it’s set at a higher elevation than other towns, there are fewer crowds here as well. Many say that in addition to its beauty, one of Ravello’s best attributes is its nightlife.

Those who enjoy clubbing will be happy to know that some of Italy’s top DJs regularly play here. Meanwhile, those looking for an escape from urban life have plenty of options:

Aside from walking through ancient cobblestone streets or hiking through vineyards (did we mention wine?), they can also hike up Mount Titano (one of two mountains surrounding Ravello) or hit up Piazza Vittoria Colonna, a large square that serves as home to coffee shops, bars and restaurants (including celebrity chef Mario Batali’s restaurant Otto e Mezzo).

And if you’re lucky enough to visit during nighttime hours? You might catch artists like Cirque du Soleil performing; each summer, they host open-air shows right off Piazza Vittoria Colonna.

If luxury is your taste of choice then I suggest staying at the Belmond Hotel Caruso.  The Belmond is private and offers its guests peace and tranquility.

The Belmond is set in an 11th-century palace and features fresco-covered ceilings, an infinity pool, and complimentary boat tours.

If you are on the fence about when to visit Ravello I suggest July to September, Villa Rufolo hosts the Ravello Festival, a classical music festival in the town center.  

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4. Capri

With its charming narrow streets, designer shops, and hopping beach clubs, Capri is one of the chicest places in Italy.

The island is a quick 20-minute ferry ride from Sorrento, with the last return boat departing at 7 p.m., making it possible to hit up several hotspots in one day.

Top sights include the Blue Grotto, a striking natural cavern with water that has an ethereal blue color from the sunlight; the famous Faraglioni, comprised of three dramatic rock formations that jut out from the Mediterranean Sea; and the 2,000-foot-high Mount Solaro, which can be accessed via hiking or a funicular for stunning views.

Boat trips around the island are popular, as is checking out the many perfume stores, having at a drink or bite to eat in the bustling Piazza Umberto I (the Piazzetta), and strolling through the Gardens of Augustus.

Again, if you decide to take a day trip to Capri, keep an eye on the ferry schedule, as the last boat departs the island around 7 p.m., and please do not be late. 

If you decide to spend the night in Capri I suggest staying at the exquisite J.K. Place Capri.

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5. Ischia

While Ischia is less famous than Capri, the island of Ischia is having a resurgence thanks to novelist Elena Ferrante, who depicted the rustic, 17-square-mile island in her book The Story of a New Name.

The Italian island of Ischia remains a bit off the beaten path. It’s the largest island in the Bay of Naples, reached via an hour-long ferry ride from Sorrento, and is perhaps most famous for Aragonese Castle—a medieval castle that sits on a volcanic rocky islet connected to the island by a causeway.

Other great ways to explore the island include sunbathing on one of the many beautiful beaches (Maronti Beach and the harbor of Sant’Angelo are popular options); wandering Corso Vittoria Colonna, the main shopping street lined with clothing stores, cafés, and bars; or relaxing in a saltwater pool or mud bath at one of the many thermal spas.

If you decide to stay the night in Ischia I suggest San Montano Resort and Spa

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6. Positano

Positano is by far my favorite town. Its postcard-perfect image comes from Hollywood and in reality, its beauty can be a bit much.

There are huge cruise ships that come in on a daily basis and can sometimes make you feel as if you’re just another piece of the scenery rather than a human being.

It is difficult to not fall victim to Positano’s popularity, but there are many things about it that make it so wonderful. For example, there is nothing better than climbing up Montepertuso which has magnificent views of both Positano and nearby Praiano.

If you like being in the “thick” of things then Positano is the place for you and you will find pastel-hued houses and domed cathedrals clinging to the cliffs that make up for the crowds.

Make sure you stop at Pinauro for a fresh-from-the-oven Sfogliatella.  This small shop is where a baker first introduced pastry to the city 204 years ago. 

Take the 16-mile trip back to 79 A.D. from Positano to Pompeii.  Pompeii was covered in 20 feet of ash and pumice stone during the infamous eruption of Vesuvius. 

Positano is extremely pricey but why not go all out if you decide to make Positano your home base and stay at Le Sirenuse? 

Le Sirenuse is the most famous hotel in town.  The property only has 58 rooms with a gorgeous restaurant and stunning views of the Mediterranean.

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7. Sorrento

Sorrento is removed from the crowds of Positano but close enough to spend your days hanging with the masses and spend the night back in Sorrento away from the crowds.

The heart and soul of Sorrento are Piazza Tasso. You will find many restaurants here and on the small side streets and at night the entire square comes alive with people enjoying the mild evenings.

As the evening turns to dusk, wander through the town’s narrow lanes, passing by the touristy shops, and seek out delicious limoncello, jams, and candies made with the region’s fragrant lemons and oranges.

For dinner, I suggest the Michelin-starred restaurant Il Buco, and if you decide to make Sorrento your home base check out the Grand Hotel Excelsior. 

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8. Maiori

This seaside town, which has a population of only 3,000 people, is where you’ll find Castello Aragonese.

Dating back to 1060, it was once built as a watchtower to guard against pirate attacks and is now a medieval-style castle that hosts musical concerts every summer.

With such stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and Mount Vesuvius in Naples in clear view from anywhere in town, walking around with your camera feels mandatory here.

It’s also worth visiting around June when its streets are filled with red poppies growing wild. In addition to admiring its beautiful views, don’t forget to indulge in Maiori’s local produce: olives, orange berries, and almonds.

From there, you can head south to Minori—one of Italy’s best-kept secrets—for a delicious lunch at Trattoria All’Ombra De Palma (Via Nicola Pisano 15) before continuing on through Scario.

What makes Scario so special? A stroll along Via Dante leads down to La Foce Gardens—which stands atop a cliff overhanging sea below—the perfect place for enjoying homemade gelato or snapping some photos!

Maiori also hosts an annual film festival in November which awards the Premio Internazionale Roberto Rossellini. Maiori’s beaches boast unbelievable views of medieval towers overlooking the azure waves. 

If you decide to make Maiori your home I suggest staying at Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro. 

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One of Italy’s most beautiful towns and arguably one of its most interesting cities, Atrani is well worth a visit. In 2012, it was listed by Forbes magazine as one of the 10 prettiest villages in Italy.

It offers breathtaking views of other towns along Italy’s boot coast and boats ferry visitors to nearby seaside resorts on day trips.

Boat tours are also available that let you explore surrounding mountains and cliffs or go on deep-sea fishing expeditions for some truly unforgettable experiences.

It’s also famous for its artistic community, including local artists who produce paintings that often grace walls in some of Europe’s finest galleries.

The Church of S.t Salvatore with its simple stone fountain reaches upward towards the valley and the rocky inclines, which are crisscrossed with tended gardens and lemon groves.

Atrani is far away from the crowds and noise of other towns along the coast. Piazza Umberto I faces a patch of sandy beach and sea, reachable by a small path.

I suggest staying at Palazzo Ferraioli if you decide to make Atrani your home base.

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Explore Italy’s best-hidden gem in Cetara, a coastal town just north of Naples on Italy’s southwest coast. Little known to tourists and seemingly oblivious to time, Cetara is a wonderful place to spend a few days exploring its picturesque alleys and charming piazzas.

Watch fishermen land their catch at sunrise before perusing markets for an authentic meal of fresh seafood served with local wine.

There are even sites for divers, who can explore an abundance of marine life including soft corals in Capri’s famed Blue Grotto. Cetara was once known as the door to Capri, so be sure not to miss exploring one of Italy’s most popular islands while you’re there!

Cetara is famous for the local production of ‘colatura di alici’: the delectable drippings of salted anchovies. 

When the fish is caught, the fishermen throw it into wood barrels, alternating layers with handfuls of salt.

Then the fish is pressed down by a wooden lid weighted with rocks. By December, the anchovies have produced a bit of fragrant amber juice.

If are staying in Cetara make Belmond Hotel your home base. 

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If you’re visiting Amalfi Coast have you decided which town best fits your needs? 

There are so many Amalfi Coast Cities to make your home base it’s hard to pick just one so hopefully, you will consider staying at one of these unique towns along the coast.   

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