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Most Popular Beaches in Los Cabos, Mexico

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Looking for the best swimmable beaches in Cabo? Mexico has some of the most gorgeous blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.

Cabo San Lucas is a haven for activities both on and off the water and both the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez are famed for their stunning beaches, many of which are swimmable.

You just need to know which beaches in Cabo are swimmable before you decide to take a dip and never be heard from again. 

While the shoreline in Los Cabos is Instagram-worthy, swimming in most of the region can be dangerous so it’s important to know which beaches are best for your family.

Before you decide to take a swim at the beach in Cabo San Lucas please remember that many of the beaches in Los Cabos have powerful undertows and often treacherous waves.

Year after year vacationers makes the mistake of underestimating the strength of the currents which leads to drowning deaths according to the U.S. Department of State.

Not all of the beaches in Cabo are safe for swimming.  It may seem like nothing will happen and you are having innocent fun playing in the large waves until something tragic happens.

Before you head out to either coastline of Cabo San Lucas, there are a few things you need to know, specifically that the beaches on the Pacific side of Baja are the most dangerous beaches in Cabo San Lucas. 

Fortunately, these beaches are well-marked.  And, authorities are there to prevent unnecessary risks. So, enjoy the beauty of all the beaches in Cabo, but use caution when choosing a beach for swimming.

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To make it easy for you, here are the seven best swimming beaches in Cabo.

  1. Lover’s Beach
  2. Medano Beach
  3. Acapulquito
  4. Costa Azul Beach 
  5. Palmilla Beach
  6. Santa Maria Beach 
  7. Chileno Beach 
  8. El Tule Beach 
  9. Playa Bledito
  10. Cannery Beach


Best Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Guide to the Best Swimmable Beaches In Los Cabos

One of the best ways to see and explore the beaches in Los Cabos is by car.  If you try to use a taxi service or hop on and off of local buses will be you broke and tired before you even make it to the first beach let alone all of them. 

If you haven’t considered renting a car while in Los Cabos you really should entertain the idea and venture out on your own.

 11 Best Swimmable Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

1. Lover’s Beach

Land’s End is the anglicized name for the famous arches that adorn postcards and advertising for Los Cabos, Mexico which in Spanish are simply called El Arco (the arch).

A much-loved landmark in Cabo and one of the most popular tours for visitors, Land’s End Cabo is a geographical wonder as well as a great location for adventures and activities for all the family.

Despite the name, Lover’s Beach is not just for lovers.  It is nestled along with the dramatically sculpted rock formations at the Land’s end, adjacent to “The Arch”, this quiet little strand can only be reached by water taxi.

Lover’s Beach offers great snorkeling and diving on the bayside when the weather is good which makes it one of the most popular swimmable beaches in Los Cabos, especially for couples.

Remember, while Divorce Beach and adjacent to Lover’s Beach it is not safe for swimming due to the strong currents.

2. Medano Beach

Medano Beach is a popular choice for travelers staying at one of the many luxury resorts in Cabo San Lucas or the marina. 

Many consider Medano beach to be the main tourist attraction of the city.  No matter when you decide to visit, there will be tons of people there.

Apart from being one of the best swimming beaches in Cabo, there are also tons of activities to do there.  For example, enjoy water sports such as kayaking and parasailing. 

Also, the beachside is lined with several restaurants serving a variety of delicacies.

Medano Beach is the ultimate party hub in Los Cabos and is more active during spring break, but regardless of the time of the year you decide to visit Los Cabos, there will be cold drinks, great food, and just a place to go have fun at the beach.

3. Playa Acapulquito (Old Man’s Beach)

Located in a beautiful ocean cove known as Playa Acapulquito, or Old Man’s Beach, a surfer’s paradise and host to many surfing competitions, the privileged beach offers long rides and is ideal for long-boarders.

If you are like me and can’t surf you can start with surf lessons before meeting up with the experts and heading out to catch the waves.

The area is also great for snorkeling and swimming. You can rent surfboards and stand-up paddle boards at any of the surf shops in the area and set a time for lessons.

If you don’t surf and don’t want to learn, it is a great place to people-watch and enjoy great food at 7 Seas Seafood Grille and accommodations are available at the 36-room resort that is reminiscent of a California-style beach house with stucco walls, arches, tile roofs, and luscious gardens.


4. Costa Azul Beach 

For great summer surfing head for Playa Costa Azul (Blue Coast Beach). The surf break north of the arroyo is known as Zippers and is for the more advanced surfer.

Two breaks exist to the south – The Rock, and Old Man’s. The Rock is best for intermediate surfers and the second (a.k.a. Acapulquito beach) for beginners or long boarders. In the winter, when the surf is calmer, one can enjoy swimming and snorkeling here.

Walking, surf fishing, and horse riding are good year-round. Horse stables exist back up the Costa Azul arroyo past the bridge as well as an overhead pulley Canopy Adventure tour that spans the canyons.


Beginning at the Lookout just past the Cabo Surf Hotel at Kilometer 28, this beach runs for a mile east to the arroyo next to the former La Brisa trailer park and restaurant.

The best time to visit Costa Azul is in June, when the World Surf League hosts its annual Los Cabos Open of Surf at Zippers. This year’s event, for women and juniors, was held June 7–12.

5. Palmilla Beach

Those seeking calm waters, a family-friendly area, and a mile-long stretch of beach are welcome to Playa Palmilla or Palmilla Beach where you will be surrounded by oceanfront luxury homes, the world-famous One & Only Hotel resort, and the world-renowned Jack Nicklaus Ocean Nine golf course.

On weekends, arrive early if you want a palapa or bring your own umbrella for shade. Limited services are available for food or sanitary facilities at present, but you can launch a kayak here, or rent a fishing panga or cruiser.

If snorkeling gets your blood flowing, a wide expanse of marine life exists just below the water’s surface at the beach. Note that there are limited facilities along the beachfront, so be sure to pack your necessities.

If you’re looking for a bit of seclusion and solitude, these are the sands you want to plant your body upon.

As with most beaches, you need to be prepared because there is nothing other than shade.  No food, no water, and no cocktails so make sure you bring what you need because you can’t drink saltwater. 

6. Playa Santa Maria

Playa Santa Maria is another Blue Flag-Certified Beach.  Its horseshoe shape keeps this beach feeling like you are on your very own private beach. 

It’s a stone’s throw away from the populated beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Santa Maria Beach lies along the Tourist Corridor in Los Cabos, inviting vacationers to relax in its serene blue waters.

There is a sheltered, natural cove, and the sands of its swimmable beaches rest between two large granite rocks that block the hard influence of the pounding surf swell and constant winds, making it the perfect spot for those looking to safely go swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

The shallow waters are considered a protected marine sanctuary, which delights visitors peering under the waters’ surface at hundreds of eclectic species of tropical fish to please the eye.

Morning hours are best suited for optimal visibility in the clear water. Playa Santa Maria lies by the Twin Dolphin hotel and can be accessed by car or visited via any of the running water boat tours coming from Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Another feature of the beach is that it lies in close proximity to Chileno Beach – another quiet, fabulous respite that you can easily hop over to for a change of scenery.

7. Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach is of the top swimmable beaches in Los Cabos Playa Chileno along the Tourist Corridor.

Locals and visitors alike love the laid-back atmosphere, the calm azure blue waters, and the safe snorkeling and swimming due to their Blue Flag safety rating.

Many boat tours do run from the San Lucas marina, so if you are without a car you can always hop on a ride for a day out sunbathing.

Feel free to explore Chileno Beach, but don’t be shy to visit other surrounding beaches to get a different feeling such as Santa Maria Beach only just over a mile away. 

Chilleno Beach is great for families, snorkelers and divers. The beach also offers kayaking, and snorkeling gear is available to rent from Cabo Acuadeportes. 

Several reefs run parallel to the beach and are home to over 80 species of marine life. Sea turtle sightings are common here.

Weekends are always crowded so I suggest walking around the cove which will bring you to a more secluded area on the beach. 

If you are visiting during the week, I also suggest going first thing in the morning when it’s less crowded and you will be able to enjoy swimming and snorkeling without tons of people around you.

8. El Tule Beach

Playa El Tule or El Tule Beach, a secluded sandy stretch of beach, is a good surf spot at times. There are scattered boulders in the surf and driftwood can be found up on the beach.

Local surfers and running enthusiasts flock to Playa El Tule, a rather secluded beach that faces the Sea of Cortés and boasts fun if challenging surfing conditions thanks to a strong break that goes both ways with speed.

This popular stretch of water is best known for surfing and sunning. Rarely crowded and often providing strong sets of waves, El Tule Beach is a perfect location for those who want to lounge close to the coast.

There is oftentimes a strong break in the waves, which is why local surfers congregate here for regular surfing. La Playa El Tule is not recognized as a great location for snorkeling even though the water is most often calm enough to be swimmable.

At the same time, a generous surf break makes it easy to access decent surfing close to the shore. You will see several surfing classes on this beach as it is an easy location for beginners and offers great access as you can drive your vehicle close to the water’s edge.

9. Playa Bledito, Hilton Cove, and Tequila Cove

Playa Bledito is just west of the protected cove of Playa Cabo Real. Also known as Tequila Cove, this beach fronts the Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort and Meliá Cabo Real hotels at Cabo Real.

The manmade breakwater makes swimming possible; with Jet Ski and Wave Runner rentals on the beach. For more solitude, walk southwest toward Las Ventanas al Paraiso, 

The Hilton offers visitors a day pass allowing the use of the pool and facilities, call (624) 145-6500 for current rates or click below to make a reservation.

10. The Cannery Beaches include Playa Coral Negro and Playa Balconcito

One of the best-kept secrets in Los Cabos is Cannery Beach which is about a 10-minute walk from the marina. 

The set of Cannery beaches is never mentioned in any articles written about the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas. Despite the fact that its location is so central to Cabo San Lucas that it borders the entrance to the Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Playa Coral Negro seems to be the most commonly used moniker, but I have also heard this beach and its neighbors referred to as Cannery Beach, The Locals Beach, and Old Peoples’ Beach.

To further complicate things, Playa Coral Negro and two neighboring beaches are collectively referred to as the Cannery Beaches.

Spend the day lounging along the shore of the Cannery Beaches and then enjoy a meal at one of the nearby restaurants before heading back to your Cabo vacation rental.

With the beach’s location proximal to the Cabo San Lucas downtown area as well as the marina, an abundance of convenient options is all at your fingertips.

Consider enjoying a meal at one of these eateries after your day at the Cannery Beaches!

Which hotels in Los Cabos have swimmable beaches?

Some of the best beaches in Cabo are located on the Pacific Ocean side and as a result, some beaches are not recommended for swimming due to strong tides and currents, and undertows.

The beaches here are beautiful, but many of them are tantalizingly so, with strong ocean currents that make them too dangerous for swimming.

But rough waves shouldn’t stop you from enjoying Los Cabos’ gorgeous geography from a hotel right on the shore.

Some beachfront hotels are located on no-swimming beaches, but compensate with exceptional amenities and excellent views from their rooms and common spaces; other beachfront hotels are located on the rare swimmable beach.

Here is my list of the best hotels in Cabo San Lucas with swimmable beaches.

Best Beach Hotels in Los Cabos

Which resorts have swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas and the tourist corridor? Where can you walk out of your hotel room in Los Cabos and go for a swim in the ocean?

You can book a Cabo beach hopping tour that will take you to a few of the most popular beaches and click here or below to book your reservation for any of the hotels listed above.

Is Swimming Dangerous in Cabo San Lucas?

Don’t Forget Those Waves Can Be Dangerous so before you decide to jump in for a swim, please remember that many of the beaches in Los Cabos have powerful undertows and often treacherous waves that will take you out and you will never be seen again.

The powerful surf and undertow are how Divorce Beach got its name. 

Don’t forget to arrange your pick-up time if you don’t want to be stranded on Divorce Beach with a bunch of funky sea lions.

Beach Adventures in Los Cabos

Most of Cabo’s beaches are off-limits to swimmers because the Sea of Cortez boasts strong waves and some powerful undercurrents. 

Make sure you do your homework prior to visiting Los Cabos and determine which beach fits your style.

Best Time To Visit Cabo San Lucas

For fewer crowds, go in spring or fall which is when I went, the temperatures are still mild, rain is less likely, and the rates are at their lowest.  Not only are the rates at their lowest but you literally have the resort to yourself!

From late November to mid-May, conditions are ideal to visit Cabo San Lucas, with sunny days with temperatures around the 80s and cooler nights.

Things heat up in the summer when temperatures reach the high 90s.

Some visitors prefer to avoid Cabo during March and April when tipsy spring breakers descend upon the town.

Fishing tournaments are held between June and November, but before you pack your rod and reel, keep in mind that it’s also hurricane season, so plan accordingly.

Things Not To Miss In Los Cabos

Traveling to Cabo San Lucas means experiencing one of Baja’s most indulgent areas, where pristine beaches, luxury resorts, and fine dining will bring the most exhausted travelers back to life with a dose of adrenaline.

Some highlights from our Cabo San Lucas travel guide include:

• Aquatic activities like fishing, snorkeling, and surfing
• Whale-watching tours
• Golfing
• Feasting on the best of Baja’s bounty

Is Cabo San Lucas Safe?

While it’s undeniable that México, like every country in the world, suffers from crime and has some undesirable areas, the vast majority of its cities and communities—cape cities Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo in particular—are extremely safe. 

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for Mexico, which includes the state of Baja California Sur, where Cabo is located.

The warning states that “violent crime, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery, is common” in Mexico.


This year, the U.S. State Department revamped its travel advisory system. It gave Mexico an overall Level 3 warning for visitors to exercise caution.

Violent crimes, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery are widespread throughout Mexico.

Los Cabos in particular is noted by the U.S. government for having zero travel restrictions.

Tourism is an important part of the economy therefore the local government has invested time, money, and energy into making sure there are not any Cabo travel warnings and that Los Cabos is safe!

Your safety in Cabo San Lucas is a priority for Los Cabos Tourism so if anything does occur, your resort and the proper authorities will help you sort out any problems and answer any questions about safety in Mexico. 

So, is Cabos safe? Yes, but it wouldn’t be wise to assume that there’s never a petty crime. 

I believe it is safe to visit not only Los Cabos but other cities in Mexico as well – The Mexican government will continue to take every precaution to ensure that visitors’ safety and privacy are protected throughout their stay.

Best Beaches in Los Cabos Mexico

Conclusion of the Best Swimmable Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

There’s so much more to Cabo San Lucas other than sitting on the beach with a margarita in hand. The excellent climate and endless water-based activities are just the beginning of this Baja paradise.

In Cabo, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes meet at the spot known as Land’s End, where the rocky outcroppings form the backdrop to one of Mexico’s most splendid natural wonders: El Arco.

This rock arch leaping out to sea provides a dramatic welcome for those who visit Cabo San Lucas.

The bottom line is to heed the warning signs that say “Stay Out, Stay Alive” and never swim alone, even in what appears to be calm water.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico, because of their beautiful beaches. Los Cabos seems like they have some great beaches.

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit Mexico, because of their beautiful beaches. Los Cabos seems like they have some great beaches.

  3. One day I will get on a plane and when I do, Los Cabos is definitely on my list. So much beauty, I may never come back. My spirit is meant to live near the beach.

  4. One day I will get on a plane and when I do, Los Cabos is definitely on my list. So much beauty, I may never come back. My spirit is meant to live near the beach.

  5. Wow you explored a lot of beaches in Los Cabos! I am going to Mexico in a few days to Playa and I want to explore multiple beaches there too!

  6. Wow you explored a lot of beaches in Los Cabos! I am going to Mexico in a few days to Playa and I want to explore multiple beaches there too!

    1. hopefully, I won’t have to ever go to divorce beach! I love los cabos and I hate I allowed other folk fears to stop me from going all of this time

    1. hopefully, I won’t have to ever go to divorce beach! I love los cabos and I hate I allowed other folk fears to stop me from going all of this time

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