Road Trippin To Harmony Safari Park In Huntsville

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Are you looking for a fun road trip for the family this summer? Like most parents, I spent every waking minute trying to figure out how to entertain my daughters during the summer. 

Harmony Safari Park is fun and educational therefore your kids will not lose all of their brain cells by doing nothing but playing video games, building houses on mind-craft, complaining they are bored every second of the day, or just simply getting on your nerves by fighting all summer.

Harmony Park Safari is a one-of-a-kind attraction for Huntsville. If you want to laugh, scream, get mad at your husband for letting the windows down while an Emu is hunting for food – check out Harmony Park Safari, a federally licensed nature preserve of free-ranging exotic & endangered animals.

The park is a “drive-through” animal park where you are required for your own safety to remain in your car during the two-mile route to see the animals which include; zebras, zebus, antelope, buffalo, a camel, ostriches, pythons & crocodiles.

If you roll down your windows be prepared for the Emu’s because they are quick and those skinny little heads will dart in out of your car window so fast.

Harmony Safari Park

Harmony Safari Park In Alabama

Harmony Park Safari is about 30 minutes south of downtown Huntsville, AL, and a 2-hour drive from Nashville.  

Once you arrive at Harmony Safari park you will enter the park and come to a small trailer where an attendant will greet you and take your payment which is $10 pp.

The park also provides you the opportunity to purchase food for your drive-thru the park. I suggest purchasing the large bucket because the animals will devour the food pretty quickly.

You can purchase either a large bucket which is $5.00 or the red solo cup of food. We purchased the bucket and still ran out of food before we made it halfway through the park so I suggest purchasing two buckets of food especially if you have kids with you.

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While the animals are accustomed to being fed from cars it doesn’t stop you from screaming when they stick their entire heads through the car window.  Be prepared to have at a minimum of 4 to 5 animals surrounding your car at any given time.

Once you get into the actual park make sure you take your time, drive slowly through the park, enjoy the animals, and feed them plenty of treats.   The more treats you have the more animals will surround your car and the more fun the kiddos will have.

Once we got going in the park we decided it was ok for Madison and Camille to get out of their seatbelts and let the windows down to feed the animals.

What kind of animals are at Harmony Safari Park?

I might have nightmares for the rest of my life thinking about those EMUs!  EMUs are for the most part very docile animals and I am sure the EMUs at Harmony are very nice animals, but those little beady eyes and long beaks scared the bejeezus out of me.  

They would run-up to the car and stick those scary-looking beaks right through the window! Needless to say, I am good if I never see another EMU.


My daughters loved the Zebra, which came right over to the car like he knew the girls had been waiting to pet him from the moment they laid eyes on him across the park.

The Llamas

How precious are these Llamas?  Look at those eyes and I swear one of them winked at me and my heart melted just a little.  Isn’t he like the sexiest Llama you’ve ever seen?  Ok, this is getting a little creepy but look at those eyelashes!


They even have a giraffe, but you can only see it on the back side of the park and it was in an enclosure.

Petting Zoo

They also have a “petting” zoo that allows you to walk around and touch the animals.  The petting zoo has turtles, baboons, lemurs, alligators, pigs, and birds.  The tortoises are the main attraction in the petting zoo because of how large they are; plus they are roaming around like they are king of the castle.

Watch the video below of how much fun my family had and please share!

They also sell lettuce for the tortoises if you want to feed them, but please be careful when feeding the tortoises because the last thing you want is to be bitten by a tortoise.

Lastly, they have an indoor reptile house with many snakes, lizards, frogs, and bugs; so don’t leave before you check out the reptile house.

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Harmony Park Safari
431 Clouds Cove Rd SE
Huntsville, AL 35803

 Call 1-877-726-4625) or (256)- 723-3880

Hours: 10 AM to Sunset – Last tour leaves one hour prior to sunset 

Open March through November

Cost: $10 per person, 2 yr and under FREE  CASH AND CHECK ONLY – NO CREDIT CARDS


I can’t say this enough but please get insurance no matter the destination! Even if you are only going on a short trip, you should always travel with insurance.

Have fun while visiting exploring the U.S. this summer, but take it from someone who has racked up thousands of bucks on an insurance claim before, you will need it.

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The Conclusion – Harmony Safari Park

There is no doubt that if you are looking for a fun-filled family trip that will still allow you to practice social distancing gas up and head to Harmony Safari Park.  

Huntsville, AL is only a short two-hour drive from Nashville which makes it a great road trip and you won’t even have to worry about killing your family. 

While you must remain in your car for this 2-mile route and see zebras, zebus, buffalo, camels, ostriches, pythons, rams, highlanders, alligators, waterfowl, waterfalls, and more it is well worth the road trip to Alabama.

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Are you planning on taking a road trip this summer since flying is out of the question? Have you visited Harmony Safari Park? Have you visited a drive-through animal park? 

I would love to hear your thoughts on Harmony Safari Park and the plans you are making this summer so leave me a comment on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


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  1. I love the zoo and they had great animals! I’m sure your girls loved that! I have family Alabama, I will have to make my way to Huntsville at some point!

  2. Great Post! We have one of these parks here in Cleveland, we need to schedule a trip! Looks like fun and I know my children would enjoy it. And I have family in Huntsville so the next time we are there I’m going to suggest it!

  3. I have never heard of a drive thru zoo but I like the concept. I love the zoo but it is normally hot and involves alot of walking. I’m with you , that emu would probably give me nightmares as well..

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