Top 14 Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas

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Trying to decide where to buy marijuana in Las Vegas?  My guide will assist with finding the best dispensaries in Las Vegas, who has the cheapest weed prices and the laws associated with the sale of marijuana in Las Vegas.

As of July 2017 “Sin City” officially made recreational marijuana legal in Las Vegas and everybody is trying to find the best marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas.

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Buying marijuana in Las Vegas is as easy as walking into the corner store and buying a pack of gum. Nevada voters approved marijuana for legal medical in 2000, but dispensaries were not approved until 2013.  

Dispensaries were finally opened in 2015 after voters gave recreational marijuana Las Vegas a thumbs up in 2016 and from there the floodgates opened and people were traveling in droves to Las Vegas to buy weed.

You can now buy weed in Nevada without fear of going to jail or begging a friend to use their medical marijuana card.

Visitors and locals alike are still confused about where to buy marijuana in Las Vegas and what are the marijuana laws in Las Vegas.  

My list of 14 top marijuana dispensaries will help you buy marijuana safely and enjoy The Sin City to the fullest.

Marijuana in Las Vegas

Top Marijuana Dispensaries in Vegas

While Las Vegas is known for its large casinos, fine dining, shopping, nightlife and now the marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas are the talk of the town.

Yes, you can walk into any of the Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries and grab any form of weed imaginable and have the time of your life but there are rules on where you can and can’t consume marijuana in Las Vegas.

Drum Roll Please and keep ready for my list of where to find the best marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas!

The Best 14 Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas

The best recreational cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, Nevada, for tourists and locals, including Planet 13, Essence, and Jardin.

Weed in Vegas

Is Marijuana legal in Las Vegas For Everyone?

Anyone who is 21 and over can purchase cannabis in Las Vegas for recreational purposes. All you need is a valid driver’s license or passport.

Do You Need a Medical Marijuana Card?

A medical marijuana card isn’t necessary but it will help with the cost because those that have medical marijuana card does not have to pay the recreational sales tax of 10%.

Those that have medical marijuana card also have access to stronger levels of THC that range from  300-milligram to 1000-milligram edibles. You will be as high as a kite!

The Law on Where You Can and Can’t Smoke Weed

Although Las Vegas allows open containers of alcohol on the Vegas Strip those same laws do not apply to marijuana which is expected to be consumed privately.  

If you are traveling to Vegas and plan on consuming marijuana know that most hotels have a policy against smoking weed but you will be hit with a hefty fine to clean the room to remove the smoke.

So what does this mean for out-of-towners?   While it’s illegal to smoke or consume weed on the Las Vegas Strip, in a car, in a bar,  club, casino, restaurant and strip club I didn’t see anyone patrolling the area.

You also can’t consume cannabis in a taxi, uber, your hotel room or even at the Las Vegas NV marijuana dispensaries where you purchased your weed so that doesn’t legally leave many places to consume marijuana in Las Vegas.

To be honest, it was just the opposite, I saw people everywhere smoking joints out in the open.  The entire city smelled like weed, that good cush, and alcohol!

Remember, if you choose to get high in public the fine is up to $600 so take precaution and be safe in those Vegas Streets.

Nevada Marijuana Laws Relating to Vehicles

The legal restriction that marijuana in Nevada can only be used in private property does not enable a user to consume it inside their parked car.

Even though a vehicle is legally categorized as its owner’s property, state law stipulates that pot consumption in a vehicle is indeed against the law.

Another state marijuana law that pertains to vehicles stipulates that the substance can be transported within a vehicle, but only if the substance is stored out of the reach of both the driver and any minors in the car, such as within the trunk.

Even then, if the weed is not stored within a tightly sealed receptacle, the owner is technically punishable for open-container infractions.

Regardless, it is against federal law to transport marijuana from any one state into another, regardless of which state the substance was legally purchased in and which state it would be brought into, so the substance can neither be brought into nor out of the state of Nevada.

Police officers in Las Vegas are legally allowed to pull over any motorist that is engaged in erratic driving and order the motorist to submit to a blood test.

Besides alcohol levels, an officer will also be actively measuring cannabis levels within the motorist’s blood stream.

If a given milliliter of blood contains at least two nanograms of cannabis or five nanograms of its metabolite, or the officer has otherwise deemed that the motorist has used enough weed that he or she is not capable of maintaining safe physical control of the vehicle itself, the motorist will be cited with a DUI.

Please be safe when purchasing your products and remember you should not transport weed from one state to another.

Can You Consume Cannabis at Las Vegas Marijuana Shops?

The answer is 100% No!  Dispensaries are not allowed to have consumption lounges or tasting rooms in the dispensaries or they will lose their license.   

Once you make your purchase the product is sealed and you have to figure out where you will consume the product on your own and do not expect the employees to provide you with suggestions on where to consume marijuana because they will not.

Can you buy marijuana in Las Vegas and take it back home?

The answer to that is simply NO! You can not travel with cannabis across state lines even if it is legal in the state you are traveling to.

The McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has what they call “last chance” disposal boxes no questions asked.

Weed in Vegas

Can You Still Get Arrested for Possession of Marijuana in Las Vegas?

There are two to get arrested for possession of marijuana in Las Vegas and that is if you’re caught purchasing weed on the black market and if you’re carrying more than an ounce of marijuana.   

Make sure you understand the laws and you are purchasing weed from a legal dispensary and you do not have more than the legal amount on your person. No need to go to jail in Las Vegas over nothing.

You can be also be charged with driving under the influence of marijuana and if you are driving your cannabis must be in a sealed container.

I hope I have answered all of your questions on where to buy marijuana in Las Vegas, the laws associated with the purchase and consumption of marijuana so go get high!

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