Luxury Guide to Exploring The Turkish Riviera

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Ok, y’all! Have you heard of a Turkish Gulet? If you’re dreaming of a holiday or vacation on a stunning stretch of the Mediterranean coastline, look no further than sailing on a beautiful luxury ScicSailing Turkish Gulet. 

A luxury cruise from SCICSailing Turkey Gulet departs via Bodrum, Turkey which is one of the most stunning destinations I’ve ever visited and I almost dare say Bodrum, Turkey is more beautiful than the Amalfi Coast.

I know! I know! When you think of Turkey you think of the hot air balloons and caves of Cappadocia but Bodrum is for grown folk with money not for Millenials pretending to be wealthy.

Bodrum, Turkey, is known as “God City” because most of the Greek Gods were born here. Bodrum is an under-the-radar luxury travel hotspot that’s been compared to Saint Tropez and Mykonos by both Business Insider and Forbes.

The port city has been dubbed the “St. Tropez of Turkey” for its luxury yachts that sail around the Mediterranean, luxury hotels, beach clubs, food scene, and the abundance of superyachts drifting in its turquoise waters.

The city is located on the Bodrum Peninsula on Turkey’s southwest coast, on the shores of the Aegean Sea about an hour flight from Istanbul or a three-hour flight from Munich to Bodrum.  

Now, that I have introduced you to Bodrum I know you must be asking yourself what exactly is a Turkish Gulet?

A Turkish Gulet is a traditional mostly wooden sailing vessel and the average size can vary from 70 to 100 feet in size offering 4 to 8 cabins depending on the length of the boat.

These cabins can accommodate between 6-16 people (sometimes more on special gulets).

The links in this post may be affiliate links.  That means that if you click them and make a purchase, this site makes a commission.  It will have no impact on the price you pay or the experience of your purchase.

ScicSailing Beautiful Turkish gulet boats spend most of their time traveling both the Turkish and Greek Islands, towns, bays, and hidden gems.

It’s impossible that you’ll get bored!

ScicSailing 2022
Photo Credit: HDYTI

Best Turkish Gulet Charter Company

There are many Yacht charters in Turkey or Turkish gulets to choose from and renting one can be difficult because it’s hard to decide which one is perfect for you but the staff at ScicSailing will help choose which gulet is right for your family.

The luxury cruise we chartered departed from Bodrum on a traditional Turkish Gulet named “The Nemesis 2.”

While Europeans have been vacationing in Bodrum for years, American travelers have long overlooked Bodrum for the overcrowded and touristy destinations of Cappadocia, Mykonos, and Saint Tropez.

ScicSailling’s mission is to put Bodrum on the map for Black American Tourists and hosted its first-ever all-Black Press Trip with 10 content creators from all over the world!. 

Chances are when you think of a Turquoise Coast, beautiful sunsets, and luxury sailing, Turkey doesn’t exactly come to mind but I am here to change that so keep reading, check out my Instagram feed of the stunning pictures I was able to capture.

ScicSailing allows you to explore ancient ruins and small coastal villages, experience authentic Turkish cuisine, and Jeep adventures, tour an olive oil farm, along with supporting local people by buying fresh produce and trinkets at the local market.

The city of Bodrum and The Turkish Riviera is one of the most ridiculously picturesque and low-key travel destinations in the whole world.

Must-Know Turkey Information:

Price Point: ✪✪/✪✪✪✪✪
Currency: Turkish lira
Language: Turkish
Food to Try: All of it
Sailing in Turkey: 91 feet, Turkish Gulet ScicSailing yacht, called ‘Nemesis 2’.

ScicSailing Turkey Travel Guide Covers:

– Best Sailing Routes in Turkey
– Top Things to do Sailing Turkey
– Authentic Turkish Cuisine 
– Must-See Things to Experience – Yacht Charter Turkey

The Best Time to Charter a Turkey Gulet from ScicSailing

Although temperatures are warmer and better for swimming in the summer months, chartering a luxury yacht or cruising the Turkish Riviera in mid-May or early June before the heat and the crowds kick in will ensure you will have a better experience.

Leaving Tennessee for the beautiful Turquoise waters in May, we were greeted with warm days, cool nights, bright blue skies, and very little humidity.

While the waters were still slightly chilly, most of us still went paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, or simply lounged on the deck soaking up the Mediterranean sun.

Photo Credit: HDYTI

The Best Luxury Yacht Charter for Sailing Turkey 

ScicSailing Yachting & Cruising

To capture the real essence of the Aegean Sea and the glorious unspoiled Eastern Mediterranean you must try a boutique sailing cruise offered by ScicSailing, which understands the art of experiential travel on this spectacular part of the Mediterranean coast.

A sailing cruise aboard one of their traditional ‘gulet’ yachts (fully crewed, so you can just lie back and relax) offers the freedom to discover the delights of the Turkish coast without meeting the crowds.

This is the luxury vacation you didn’t know you needed.

Sailing on a Turkey Gulet is a discreet, intimate way to travel, perfect with a group of friends (all Black Press trip for me) or for a multi-generational family holiday or vacation.

The Turkish Gulets offer both double and twin cabins and while they are certainly compact all eight have a private ensuite bathroom with shower, washbasin, and small windows that offer views during the day of the intensely blue sea and unspoiled coast, or star-filled skies by night.

I rarely spent any time inside my cabin because the views were simply too beautiful to be cooped up in a cabin. 

With ScicSailing, expect to have your senses intoxicated by the beauty of the Turkish Riviera; the flavors and aromas of the local cuisine; and the kindness of the local people.

Before you keep reading I must warn you a week sailing along the Mediterranean Rivieria will not feel nearly long enough as I really did not want to return home.  

Imagine a romantic or seductive holiday where you are lulled by the warm breeze and the inky blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Relaxation embraces every cell of your body.

You instinctively unwind, and enjoy the moment, leaving your mundane worries back in the states.

There will be unforgettable excursions to destinations you’ve probably never even heard of like Kindos, Cleopatra’s Island, and Seven Island.

Yet often the most lasting memories are the magical moments created or curated by the superb crew – and of course, for me, most of these were all about foodie experiences onboard and I know y’all will find this hard to believe but I feel in love with tomatoes.

Turkish tomatoes are so sweet, crisp, and full of flavor they were really unlike any tomato I have ever eaten in the states and I really don’t have the words to fully describe how tasty they were but I ate them with every single meal!

Turkish Breakfast with ScicSailing

One of the best things about gulets in Turkey is the curisine.  Eating breakfast each morning with my fellow content creators while enjoying fresh fruit and veggies each morning where we reflected and counted our blessings.

Every morning we gathered on the deck and a plethora of authentic Turkish cuisine was provided to prepare us for the day ahead.

From eggs, peppers, spices,  baskets of Bazlama flatbread, and Turkish tomatoes which became my staple with every single meal because Turkish tomatoes are unlike anything I have ever tasted.

Plates of cheeses; and scarlet roasted peppers, drenched in olive oil contrasting with freshly chopped cucumbers. Homemade relishes and rich dark local carob syrup-filled saucers; sage honey dripped from its golden, waxy comb.

The yacht was filled each morning with the aroma of strong Turkish coffee – what a delight for the senses!

Mediterranean Lunch & Dinner aboard “The Nemesis 2”

Lunch was always just as delicious as dinner from the olive oil, pine and fig jams that lined a long wooden table. Fresh-grilled fish, shrimp, rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini filled our tummies daily.

Authentic Turkish dishes are freshly prepared by the chef, who before each feast explains the menu in great detail.

Long, leisurely lunches like this aboard the ScicSailing cruise are what makes this adventure so special.

After Dinner Turkish Delights & Cocktails

What more do you really need after dinner and relaxing under the warm Mediterranean sun? Snacks and cocktails of course. 

Thankfully, all onboard snacks and meals, drinks, and cocktails are included so drink and eat until your heart is content.

Dinner aboard Scicsailing

Access to Secluded Beaches & Coves

Once you take to the waters of the Aegean Sea, you have privileged access to hidden coves and secluded bays that are almost unreachable by any other means.

With a crew of four, and ten guests for our excursion we were able to swim in secluded coves, meet locals, and unwind for 7 days while creating epic content for Instagram.

Professional Crew

In addition to Captain Ergün, you are provided a personal chef (Chef Sezer) and two sailors (Sailor Koray and Sailor Sinan who took complete care of us. 

The two sailors are in charge of housekeeping, maintaining everything ship-shape along with assisting both the Captain and chef when needed.

7 Day Flexible Itinerary For Sailing in Turkey

We spent 7 days sailing the Turkish Riviera. My pace was slow and relaxed, the wifi was weak which forced me to detox from social media and from checking my email every 5 minutes. 

It is the break we all need and chartering gulets in Turkey to explore Turkey can easily be done in 7 days but again I must warn you it will be hard to go back to the rat race of everyday life.  

Whether it’s taking in the Mediterranean sun on the deck, reading a book seated close to the bow, chatting at the bar, or snoozing on the sofa in the wheelhouse there is something for your entire family.

Day 1 – Cleopatra’s Island

On our first-day sailing Nemesis docked at Cleopatra Island. Cleopatra Island (Sedir) is a very beautiful promenade region. The island is situated very close to the port of the Camli village.

According to the legend, about two thousand years ago, Mark Antony gave his beloved and future queen Cleopatra an island. The beauty turned out to be quite capricious, and she did not like the sand that is on the beaches of this island.

Then the then emperor Mark Antony ordered the delivery of special sand from North Africa, which was done. According to this legend, it was on the beaches of this island that Antony and Cleopatra spent their nights full of passion and love.

The sea here, without exaggeration, is crystal clear: the bottom and scurrying fish are visible at a depth of up to 9 feet, and this is far enough from the coast since the entrance to the water is shallow.

Not very far from the beach, there are the ruins of the city of Sedra, where Cleopatra and Mark Anthony spent time together.

After exploring Cleopatra Island we got settled on the Turkish Gulet and changed clothes for the welcome dinner on this beautiful luxury gulet which included authentic Turkey dishes and cocktails 🛥

On our first night on our private Turkey gulet cruise from Bodrum, there was a full moon and eclipse in Turkey and all I can say is WOW!

Imagine watching the night stars twinkling and the beautiful full moon reflected in the ocean, a sight I will never forget.

Cleopatra's Island

Day 2 –Knidos Antik Kent – Datça Archeological Site

Datca Peninsula is the hidden heaven of Turkey and also the home of the Knidos Ancient City which offers 4000 years of history.

If you are looking for a place where you can see historical places while cruising the Turkish Rivieria, the ancient city of Knidos is the answer. 

Knidos Ancient City is famous for its statues built for the Dionysus, Athena, and Aphrodite.

Because of the geographic properties of Knidos, the city was built step-by-step and there were terraces on each step and the Dionysos terrace is one of them.

The second one is Liman avenue. From the starting of the 4th BC, Knidos started a new type of urban planning system. Based on these systems they built seven avenues from north to south and they merged with one main avenue from west to east.

Liman street is the first one of the north to west avenues. Also, there is a chapel at the west of Liman street which should be seen.

You will also find the remains of the Karneios Karneios Karneios at the middle terrace located at the intersection of the West to East avenue and Liman Avenue.

It is possible to see the Altar and other structural remains of the Apollon Karneios Temple

One of the great things about ScicSailing is the wealth of knowledge that was bestowed upon us was truly amazing.  I learned Noah’s Ark landed on the hills of Mt. Ararat, a dormant volcano near the east border of Turkey. Who knew?

I thought I was well versed in history but I was blown away to find out the British can’t grow tea. WTF! Most of the leaves that go into our teabags do not come from India, China, or Britain but are bought from an auction in the coastal city of Mombasa in Kenya or Turkey.  

Knidos Ancient City

Day 3 – Sailing to 7 Island

On day three of our seven-day itinerary, we explored 7 Island. ScicSailing luxury yacht cruises usually stop at Seven Island which is a secluded bay south of Tuzla.

It is a great place to do nothing or be active by swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and diving. As long as you are careful, you can try harpooning and perhaps even catch dinner?

A natural gulf is created and we were able to anchor even though the winds were blowing. To the west is the island of Martil, to the south and east, there are lovely beaches where you can swim, relax or sunbathe.

The other islands are Long Island, Olive Island, and Small Island; each is virtually barren.

Seven Island Turkey

Day 4 Sailing Turkey

Y’all know a yacht full of content creators we had to spend the day taking epic and I do mean epic Instagram photos that will have everyone flocking to the Turkish Riviera. 

Please follow all of the content creators on Instagram that I had the pleasure of spending 7 days cruising the Turkish Mediterranean with:

Bodrum will now become home to Beautiful Melananited travelers moving forward because we are about to put the Turkish Riviera on the map!

Check out some of our dope images and don’t forget to follow these dope ass creators who I had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful Mediterranean waters of Turkey.

Day 5 – Oren Village Turkish Market

Ören is a pretty little seaside resort set on a thin stretch of shingle at the point where the relatively flat coastal scenery of the Bodrum area bumps up against the more spectacular mountain scenery of Akyaka and Marmaris.

The vibrant market offered loads of beautiful local produce that was so vibrant in color that it was almost like there was a filter on my eyes.

If you want to really experience the culture of Turkey this is a must-visit for some valuable time with the locals to not only better understand the culture but also support the local economy. 

There are farmers from the village who bring in their vegetables, olives, olive oil, dry beans, tarhana (dried soup mix), tomato paste, and other homemade foods.

I purchased fresh fruit, and spices, and tasted local delicacies like Turkish Rice Pudding, Baklava, Tulumba Tatlısı, and Turkish Almond Cookies. fresh produce. 

A great travel experience. 

Make sure you follow the Oren Village Turkish Market on IG.

Oren Village - ScicSailing

Day 6 – Jeep Safari, Vineyard & Olive Oil Tour with Lunch

Jeep safari excursion with Difference outdoor can only be characterized by two words “adventure” and “fun”. And no matter how you combine them “a fun adventure” or “adventurous fun” that is what the Difference Outdoor jeep safari is about!

The jeep safari will give you a great opportunity to switch from a “lazy” mode to a more active and fun day with your crew.  

Imagine the wind blowing in your hair as you cross the region from the highest point on the Turkish peninsula, You’ll have so much fun off-roading through the beautiful Peninsula, climbing over rugged roads, and exploring stunning landscapes of pine forests with countryside views.


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The first stop on our Jeep tour was a water reservoir called “turtle lake.” The turtles are protected in this small lake and they know when tourists are there because when I tell you within 1 min of arriving at turtle lake there were hundreds and I do mean hundreds of small turtles surrounding us.

My husband became known as the turtle whisper because somehow they flocked towards him and he fed the turtles by hand.

Next on our Jeep Safari tour was the Garavo Vineyard.  Nestled in a bowl-like cradle in mountainous the winery grow vines of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Shiraz, and Zinfandel. 

This 200-year-old, family-owned winery produces over 10,000 bottles of domestic wine a year.  We had the pleasure of tasting a Shiraz. They grow Zinfandel and Shiraz for wine production and for grape 🍇 consumption

Follow the Garavo Vineyard on IG

Garavo Vineyard Turkey

Our next stop on the Jeep Tour was visiting the Bekiroglu Olive Oil Farm. 

Here at the Bekiroglu Olive Oil farm, you will find a timeless landscape dotted with olive trees and unique white-domed water cisterns used for collecting rainwater.

This family-owned  Olive Oil Factory has been producing olive oil for four generations and offers tours and tastings that share both the history and culture of their journey.

If you love Olive oil this is the perfect place to sample Turkish olive oil straight from its source.

The last and final stop on our Jeep Tour was an extremely personal experience for me.  We visited a Wishing Tree which is an individual tree that has been chosen specifically and is used as an object of wishes and offerings.

Such trees are identified as possessing a special religious or spiritual value.

As I was en route to Turkey by beloved furbaby Riley experienced Kidney failure and there was nothing I could do halfway across the world.  My daughter Madison who is 15 had to take Riley to the vet where he stayed for 5 days.  

I stood in front of the Wishing Tree and said a prayer for Riley and hoped he would recover even though my furbaby passed away I am still grateful for the opportunity to have prayed for his health and recovery. 

Wishing Tree in Turkey

Day 7 –Breakfast in the village 

If you ever get to experience a Köy Kahvaltısı (village breakfast), especially with a group of friends, the meal can last for hours and feature dozens upon dozens of Turkish specialties.

On our last stop with ScicSailing, we experienced exactly that at Etrim Doğa Restaurant & Köy Kahvaltısı, located in a tiny, traditional Turkish village up in the hills about a 40-minute drive from the main city.

The meal is cooked by the sister of Engin Başol, who owns the attached Etrim Turkish Carpet cooperative with his father.

In Etrim, you are served a fabulous, traditional, Turkish village breakfast with the warm and generous Turkish hospitality that you will never forget. 

There’s no menu, and the dishes keep coming one after the other from the kitchen. Plus, we all sat in a circle on the floor while listening to stories of the village and learning about the culture.

Y’all know my favorite dish had to have tomatoes.  The Ezme is a delicious spread of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and herbs with a red pepper paste. Spread a generous dab of this on some freshly baked bread and your life will forever be changed.

I also enjoyed the fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, black and green olives, spicy green peppers, and Turkish cheeses.

After enjoying the traditional Turkish breakfast we toured the carpet store which offered some of the most beautiful Turkish rugs, shawls, kilims, and dresses that the local women make in order to earn money and preserve the local traditions such as carpet weaving.

I was amazed by how many Turkish carpets and kilims fill each and every single room. They are stacked on top of each other or rolled up in corners, on the floor, or on a bench.

The bright colors and different patterns are astounding. I purchased 5 shawls and 2 throw pillows for my sofa and if I wasn’t already worried about space I would have purchased another for four or five items.


Etrim Doğa Restaurant & Köy Kahvaltısı

Etrim Mahallesi köyü
Pınarlıbelen, Muğla, Turkey 48400

Best to call ahead to make group reservations.  +90 532 602 6769

Social media: Instagram and Facebook 

breakfast at Village

What to Wear for your Turkey Gulet Cruise That Won’t Break The Bank

I’m sure you are booking your Turkish Riviera Cruise with SCICSailing after reading my article, and you know what that means — Cruise Time! And who doesn’t want to look good on sailing the Turkish Riviera?

If your wardrobe is in need of a refresh before your vacation to Bodrum, I’ve got you covered. From the beach to the deck, these trendy pieces will carry you through any warm vacation destination.

And the best part? They’re affordable, too, so you can focus on just saving up for the next trip.

This Two-Piece Outfit Is A Showstopper

If you walk into a room wearing this two-piece set, don’t be surprised to see some jaws drop on the floor. Featuring silky smooth fabric, a sexy halter top, and stylish loose pants, this set is perfect for going out to dinner or hitting up a club after a long day of soaking up some sun.

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two piece halter





















This Gorgeous Bikini Is As Classic As It Gets

Swimsuit trends come and go, but you can never go wrong with a simple yellow bikini like this one. With a flattering square neckline and high-waisted bottoms, you’ll instantly feel confident in this classic set. As this reviewer raves, “I often don’t feel confident in swimsuits but I LOVE this one.”

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Yellow Bikini


This Casual Outfit Is A Must For Any Destination

No matter where you’re going, you’re bound to have some relaxing downtime, and this knit short sleeve lounge set is a must for those cozy days. Made with a cute split V-neck and drawstring shorts, it also makes the perfect travel outfit. With plenty of adorable colors to choose from, you might just want to pack a few sets!

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This Swimsuit Cover-up is an Outfit of its OWN

This isn’t your mom’s swimsuit cover-up. Made with a beautiful crochet design and a perfect loose fit, you don’t even need to plan an extra outfit when you throw on this piece. You’ll also love the adjustable drawstring and breathable fabric – hello comfort!

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swimsuit cover


























Conclusion: ScicSailing Luxury Turkey Gulet Review

Each yacht in the SCIC Sailing fleet is an authentic Turkish ‘gulet’ sailing yacht. Each with elegant lines, immaculate decks, and impressive rigging.

The focus is on ‘chic’ cruising through the wondrous blue waters, close to Turkey’s unspoiled south-western coast. ScicSailing maintains the essence of classic blue cruising since they are one of the few fleets that continue to genuinely sail, instead of continual motoring.

Once experienced, it becomes clear that nothing can substitute for the feeling of freedom one feels when the motor is off, and the yacht catches the warm wind.

Sadly, in a 7-day itinerary, you reach little of the vast length of coastal Turkey. Whatever your vision for your next vacation the staff at ScicSailing can help make your dream vacation a reality of Sailing around the Turkish Riviera.


For further details, visit the ScicSailing website to download the ScicSailing Sailing Brochure which is full of photography and facts.

The ScicSailing sailing cruises are 1 or 2 weeks, from Saturday to Saturday.

Individual sailing cruise 1 week per person including breakfast/lunch/5 dinners/all snacks in-between and all drinks including alcohol is priced from $1071.00 to $1271.00 

Request a ScicSailing Holiday Brochure here.

Website: scicsailing.eu/en/
Email: info@scicsailing.eu

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bodrum Turkey

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Is Sailing around the Turkish Riviera on your bucket list now? Experience the beauty of Turkey’s Aegean coast on a 7-day luxury Turkey Gulet cruise from Bodrum.

Does visiting hidden bays and beaches, swimming, and snorkeling in the turquoise waters sound like heaven to you?

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