Ultimate Guide For How to Celebrate 420 and It’s Origins

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What does the term “420 friendly” mean? 420, also known as Weed Day or National Weed Day, has become a counterculture holiday celebrating cannabis.

As more states legalize cannabis, people are no longer afraid to admit they consume cannabis, whether it is for medical or recreational use.

With the continued destigmatization of cannabis consumption, encountering the phrase “420-friendly” in all sorts of settings is becoming more commonplace.

What exactly is 420? 420 is a slang term referring to marijuana use. Due to this association, 420 is also used as the name of an unofficial holiday that marijuana enthusiasts and cannabis users celebrate by using marijuana.

It is sometimes called Weed Day, and of course, weed is a slang term for marijuana.

By the end of this article, you should have all the information you need to throw your 420-friendly party or participate in one if you’re attending one with friends this year!

It’s essential to understand the term “420-friendly” before celebrating by smoking weed or heading to cannabis bars or restaurants that have described themselves as 420-friendly.

Keep reading to learn more about the term “420-friendly”.

What does “420-friendly” mean?

A 420-friendly environment signifies that cannabis use is permitted within a specific area, event, or among a particular group of individuals.

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In spaces labeled as 420-friendly, you have the freedom to indulge in cannabis products without the concern of interference or penalties.

Fellow attendees who are also “420-friendly” may approve of your cannabis use even if they choose not to join in.

While the designation ensures a tolerant atmosphere for cannabis enjoyment, it’s advisable to inquire explicitly whether others will be participating. If not, you may be able to bring a friend in certain situations.

Additionally, “420-friendly” doesn’t necessarily mean “smoke-friendly.” Some 420-friendly spaces are cool with vaping but do not combust materials in a joint or pipe since vapor is less intense than smoke.

Alternatively, some 420-friendly people or spaces might only permit certain types of consumption if the group is not yet accustomed to vaping.

These 420-friendly spaces might also have rules on edibles, concentrates, and other types of cannabis products. If you don’t know, ask.

Each year, these events can be fun ways to connect with fellow cannabis and weed enthusiasts in your area. If you want to find out what’s happening near you on 420 ), you need to visit one of the 18 states where recreational cannabis and medical cannabis are legal.

Cannabis legal by state

How Did 420 Become a Holiday?

The term 420 comes from a group of high school students In the early 1970s who met after school at San Rafael High School at 4:20 p.m. to search for an abandoned crop of marijuana.

They started using 420 as a code for marijuana so that others wouldn’t understand what they were talking about.  420 soon became the code word for smoking marijuana.

Eventually, 420 was converted into April 20th for calendar purposes, and the day of celebration was born. 

The term “420” carved its place in both the cannabis and mainstream cultures; it was just a natural progression for “420-friendly” to step into the limelight.

Think about housing listings with labels like “queer-friendly” or “pet-friendly” – it didn’t take folks long to connect the dots and realize that one’s stance on cannabis can be a game-changer in the quest for roommates and living spaces.

Whether you’re chill with the aroma of cannabis or not, it’s become a defining factor. Moreover, with the ongoing legalization and destigmatization of cannabis, its presence in our daily lives is more acknowledged than ever.

Marijuana Legalization is Changing How 420 is Celebrated

Despite widening acceptance, marijuana laws remain complex across the U.S. Recreational marijuana is legal in only 19 states, with more states allowing only medical use.

In states without legal recreational cannabis, 420 celebrations and public smoking can lead to fines or even arrests. Most experts recommend celebrating 420 legally and responsibly.

Whether you support or oppose legalization (or want more cannabis laws), one thing seems clear: Legalization will continue to change what 420 looks like and what 420-friendly means, depending on the state.

While some state lawmakers are trying to change the narrative and say Cannabis is a dangerous drug, that isn’t true, but also keep in mind federal law states it is illegal even if it is legal on the state level.

How to Celebrate 420?

There are plenty of ways to spend your 420 (if you live in a state where marijuana is legal) that don’t involve getting high. But if you do get stoned, stay safe: Smoking pot can affect your motor skills, so it’s probably best not to drive after smoking.

Also, be wary of green-outs—they’re what happens when smokers overeat pot-laced food, and their body begins shutting down from an overdose of THC.

It’s most common in newbie smokers but can happen to anyone who overindulges on a weed-filled holiday in 420-friendly rooms and restaurants.

Recreational marijuana use is now a popular culture phenomenon among cannabis consumers, and even celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Bob Marley have their strains of Mary Jane.

What are the most 420-friendly places in the U.S.?

420 has evolved into a holiday celebrating and consuming cannabis. Legalization has led more states to embrace public 420 festivities and the growing acceptance of both cannabis use and Ayahuasca.

Major 420 events happen in cannabis-friendly cities like Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland. Attendees gather to smoke in public, attend cannabis industry conventions, or protest for legalization efforts.

Remember, smoking marijuana in public spaces remains illegal across most states.

Besides Denver, the West Coast is the “420-friendliest” region in the U.S.. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland are just a few examples of the remarkably 420-friendly cities along the Pacific Coast.

Most of the states also have cannabis-friendly hotels, so do your research.

These cities are all located in states with legal cannabis programs. Washington State legalized cannabis for adult use in 2012, while Oregon legalized cannabis for adult use in 2014, and California legalized cannabis for adult use in 2016.

All three states maintained medical marijuana programs before allowing adult-use programs.

Before you board a plane, book a vacation, or head out to that festival, know whether your destination is 420-friendly, what that means, and the strict regulations of the state you visit.

Best Cannabis Strains to Celebrate 420

But what makes certain cannabis strains more popular on a particular day than others? There are no hard and fast rules, but many of these strains have been around for decades and are considered heavy-hitter classics in cannabis culture.

Chemdawg, GSC (f.k.a Girl Scout Cookies), AK-47, Sour Diesel, White Widow—most people can’t take more than a few hits before they start feeling something.

If you want to know what 420-friendly cannabis strains are popular right now, we’ve got you covered.

1. Pink Rozay 

Pink Rozay is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain reported as having relaxed, sleepy effects and a flavor profile similar to the fruitiness you’d expect from a glass of rosé wine.

Pink Rozay was developed by Cookies founder Berner and rapper Rick Ross and has been well-received by patients throughout 2020 and 2021 thanks to its unique flavor profile and high THC content.

2. Apples and Bananas 

Apples and Bananas are a strain developed in collaboration with the aforementioned Cookies.

The developers worked on several different cannabis varieties and crossed them together to create a new strain with a complex terpene profile that tastes like apples and bananas.

This sweet strain will be one of the most popular choices in any dispensary in 2022.

3. Peanut Butter Breath 

We’ve had strains that taste like cherry pies, cakes, chocolate, and coffee, but what about that other favorite, protein-packed spread, peanut butter?

Well, ThugPug Genetics has delivered, and this strain has been a favorite among patients since 2020 thanks to its peanutty flavor and relaxing, uplifting, and euphoric effects.

4. Bonkers 

Next-Generation Seed’s Bonkers is a hardy variety that is great for growing indoors or outdoors, and its quick flowering time is a bonus for those seeking a plant that provides a powerful body stone in a relatively short amount of time.

The fast flowering time makes Bonkers a good choice for beginner cannabis growers seeking to hone their skills. 

Note that another strain called “Bonkers” by Exotic Genetix crosses Cookies & Cream with Lemon Tree. It is also a worthwhile strain worth trying.

4. Apple Fritter 

There’s been a spate of apple- and dessert-tasting strains over the last few years, and Apple Fritter is another example of this trend.

Cherry Pie is a popular strain, but some want something that tastes like Apple Pie. Apple Fritter by Lumpy Flowers has a sweet and earthy profile with a taste of pastry (and even a hint of sweet and savory cheese).

Apple Fritter has been reported as having a balanced, relaxed-uplifting effect.

Best Black-Owned Cannabis Brands to Support for 420

Despite more than half the country (33 states) having legalized cannabis in some form, Black Americans are still more than three times more likely to be arrested for a non-violent cannabis crime than white Americans, according to the ACLU.

Specifically, Black men and women were 11 times more likely than white people to be arrested for public cannabis use, even with all the legalization going on.

President Joe Biden’s calling for federal decriminalization has been helpful. However, equity and diversity in the industry are still significant issues that affect Black cannabis owners with a dream.

Here are my Top 17 Black-owned Cannabis brands:

1. Viola

Founded by retired NBA player Al HarringtonViola is a brand for the culture. It merges cannabis with notable athletic and entertainment figures to educate and promote its brand of flowers, vapes, edibles, and more. Currently, Viola is available in stores across Colorado, California, Michigan, and Oregon.

2. Deuces 22

Deuces 22 is another brand with an NBA connection: It was founded by Tyla Salley, daughter of four-time champion and co-founder John Salley. Her brand offers products and educational content to help customers and the curious understand the benefits and various applications of cannabis.

3. Oakland Extracts

Supplying “Terps from the Town,” Oakland Extracts founder Terryn Niles Buxton creates high-quality, small-batch goods for his California customers. The brand offers live resin and vapes, but the signature cookie crumble concentrate keeps customers returning.

4. V Affect

V Effect is the soon-to-launch product line of Vetra Stevens, the first Black woman to own and operate a dispensary in Wayne County, Michigan. Her Metro Detroit storefront offers flowers, vapes, topicals, and more through her 1st Quality Medz storefront, sourced by her own grow and processing operation.

5. Simply Pure

Simply Pure was founded by military veterans Wanda James and Scott Durrah, making the Denver storefront the first Black-owned and female-owned cannabis dispensary in the country. James is a former political advisor to the Obama Administration and was also named one of the 2020s 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis by Green Entrepreneur.

6. Ardent

Ardent founder and president Shanel A. Lindsay was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis by High Times. She developed NOVA, a home device that delivers decarbed marijuana to patients looking for an alternative method to consume. The brand also sells infusion kits, molds, and other edible-making accessories. 

7. Herbn Essence

The products sold by Atlanta-based Herbn Essence are classified as cannabis but not as marijuana. While Georgia continues to decide how it will tackle its expanding legalization efforts, the Black woman-owned company is offering hemp and CBD flowers and prerolls in a variety of strains to bring calming relaxation to customers.

8. American Cannabinoid Clinics

American Cannabinoid Clinics is owned and operated by Dr. Jessica Knox, Dr. Janice Knox, and Dr. Rachel Knox, a family of experts in cannabinoid medicine and endocannabinology.

ACC offers a more structured way to integrate cannabis into everyday life. The three physicians, along with co-founder Dr. David Knox, have counseled several thousand patients in the use of cannabis therapies to promote restoration of health, well-being, and function. Patients can schedule appointments through their online system for virtual meetings.

9. 99th Floor

For the gourmet lover in your life, 99th Floor offers dosed, curated meals by professional cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad. Dinner courses are meticulously dosed, advertised, and sold on the company’s social media pages. The New York-based company has plans to sell its line of edibles through local dispensaries shortly.

10. Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

Owned and operated by two generations of the Hollingsworth family, Hollingsworth Cannabis Company considers the planet as it supplies customers with sustainably grown, processed, and packaged goods.

The Washington State-based company sells infused soaps, topical treatments, and hand sanitizer. The company is the only Black-owned cannabis farm in Washington.

11. Inertia’s Root

Founded as a co-op for Black hemp farmers by Stuart McCleanInertia’s Root sells flowers, tinctures, and balms while helping to educate farmers on best practices to produce cannabinoid-rich hemp for products. Inertia Root is based in Nashville.

12. Supernova Women

Supernova Women was founded by Tsion “Sunshine” Lencho, Amber E. Senter, Nina Parks, and Andrea Unsworth. Together, they educate communities of color on how to get involved with legislative efforts for cannabis and how regulations and local politics can affect your business.

Located in the Bay Area, support for Supernova Woman comes in the form of helping low-level drug offenders get their records expunged and creating a safe space for people of color in the cannabis industry.

13. The Farmacy

The Farmacy, which she co-founded in partnership with Glass House Group. Focused on helping the senior community, Farmacy has grown massively, thanks to Taylor’s depth, care, and insight and the products developed under her guidance.

One of those items for sale—Mama Sue (also Taylor’s nickname)—is geared specifically for people over 50. Become a friend of the farm and discover resources to help you and others who need pain relief and sleep aids.

14. Mary and Main

Founded by Hope Wiseman, Mary and Main is the youngest Black woman to own a marijuana dispensary in the country; Mary and Main’s fundamental mission is cannabis education.

The company offers Cannabis 101 classes for people who want to know how the endocannabinoid can help with a long list of ailments. it offers concentrates, edibles, flowers, and more as treatment options.

15. JuanaMama Cannabis Boutique

JuanaMama Cannabis Boutique. Founded by Alexandria Carpenter in 2020, this mother of two girls was inspired to enter the cannabis space after cooking with cannabis at her home and impressing her friends, family, and neighbors with her edibles and infused meals.

After building out her name in Tulsa, home to one of the nation’s iconic Black Wall Street, Carpenter’s shop carries flower, concentrate, and pre-rolls, which has become the next big trend in the cannabis industry and has plans to include accessories, hemp products, and edibles very soon. 

16. Tyson Ranch

Boxing legend and living icon Mike Tyson has doubled his name recognition to create his cannabis brand. Created in partnership with Planet 13 in Las Vegas, Tyson Ranch has flooded shelves across California’s retailers.

Along with his Tyson Holistic, the pro-cannabis pugilist has other products of interest that include a THC-infused drink called Dwink, a pain-relief topical called CopperGel Ice, and, of course, a flower that will give users a healthy K.O.

17. Josephine and Billies

According to Forbes, CEO Whitney Beatty and COO Ebony Andersen opened Josephine & Billie’s on Oct. 29.

The old-school, speakeasy-style cannabis store is named and themed after Harlem Renaissance legends Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday, who both became federal government targets for using marijuana during the Prohibition era.

Best High-End Weed Accessories

1. Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder

OTTO BY BANANA BROS: OTTO is the first automatic milling machine. It mills your herbs evenly every time at the touch of a button.

Electric Smart Herb and Spice Grinder: It grinds up the weed and drops it right into an excellent pre-roll joint paper. This might be one of the most fabulous luxury weed-smoking accessories we’ve tried. Truly superior performance from an electric smart grinder.

weed Grinder

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2. 24K Gold Rolling Papers 2-Sheet Pack

Step up your rolling game with luxury papers, and check out these gold ones! Have you ever seen someone smoke a gold joint? Break one of these out at a party to see people’s reactions!

gold rolling papers

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3. Jonathan Adler Secrets Canister

Can a luxury weed canister get much more relaxed than this? Many people don’t even put fresh nugs in this! You can even use it as a fun display on the counter.

jonathan adler canister

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4. Jonathan Adler Tray

weed tray

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Conclusion: What is “420 Friendly”

If you’re looking to celebrate 420 openly, some cities are more welcoming than others. Unsurprisingly, places like Denver, Colorado, or Berkeley, California, top the list thanks to their cannabis-positive culture and laws allowing public consumption.

Other 420-friendly cities include Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. Outside of the U.S., Amsterdam remains the unofficial capital for international 420 celebrations and the enjoyment of marijuana.

As acceptance continues growing, 420 maintains its identity as both a celebration of cannabis and a call to action to push legalization efforts further.

By understanding 420’s laidback origins and the current legal landscape, you can decide how to observe the high holiday safely and responsibly.

How do you feel about the growing acceptance of cannabis use? I use cannabis because I have neuropathy, and doctors only wanted to prescribe me opioids. After researching alternatives, I realized there are so many potential benefits from cannabis use despite what the drug administration says about the health risks.

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