20 Exciting Things To in Rome After Dark

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You have booked your flight, found the perfect hotel to make home for a few days, packed your bags, researched day trips from Rome but did you forget to research things to do in Rome at night

Trying to decide what to do in Rome at night can be difficult depending on if you are looking to relax, hit the clubs or just have dinner. 

Deciding where to go and  what to do in Rome at night can be overwhelming.  I will help you decided which neighborhoods are best for an authentic Italian dinner, best bars in Rome, and even which ruins are open at night for tours. 

There are so many things to do in Rome at night and so keep reading as I take the guesswork out of what to do in Rome at night.

Things to Do in Rome at Night

Sunset in Rome is absolutely magical at night so Do Not go back to your hotel room, I repeat Do Not go back to your hotel room.  There is nothing like a late night stroll on a summer evening in the Eternal City.

Once all of the museums close and the city becomes quaint, intimate and sexy from the charmed narrow cobbled streets, the cool Mediterranean climate, to the delicious authentic Italian food. 

Rome has some of the best wine made in Italy which makes exploring Rome a one of a kind culinary adventure. 

There are also a ton of free things to do in Rome at night so no worries I’ve got you covered so will not be worried about exceeding your budget.

Onvr you have checked off the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Trevi Fountain? It’s time to dig deeper into the many layers of Rome’s long and complex history so here are some of my favorite things to do in Rome at night including the following:

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  • Slow Down with an Aperitivo
  • Go Shopping in Monti
  • Have Dinner in Trastevere
  • Explore Villa Borghese

20 things to do in Rome at Night

Rome After Dark

I will provide different ideas for things you can do in Rome after dark. In addition to a list of my top 10 things to do in Rome at night I will also provide a list of free things to do in Rome after dark.

Things to Do in Rome at Night For Couples

If you are traveling to Rome on your honeymoon or anniversary here my top picks for most romantic things to do in Rome at night for couples.  From long strolls holding hands to sightseeing off the beaten path neighborhoods in Rome.

Here’s my my list of best things to do in Rome for couples after the sun has set.  The hubby and I have uncovered some of the best things to do in Rome to make the best of your trip to Rome. 

1. Professional Photoshoot In Rome

Celebrate a special occasion with your loved one and take an unforgettable tour of the Eternal City. This sightseeing tour is created with couples in mind and visits some of the most romantic places in Rome including the Milvian Bridge, Trastevere, and the Colosseum at night.

Capture your romantic moments with included photo and video shoots and end your tour with a candlelit dinner complete with sparkling wine.  Read more about the Photoshoot in Rome here. 


2. Take a cruise tour on the Tiber River

Admire Rome from the water on a Tiber River cruise with a 4-course dinner. You’ll glide past landmarks like Castel Sant’Angelo and St Peter’s Basilica, illuminated against the nighttime sky.

Enjoy musical entertainment on board while you feast on Italian dishes like lasagna, gnocchi and beef with pesto sauce, and finish with dessert and coffee. Read more about a cruise on the Tiber River here. 

3. Take a romantic stroll in Villa Borghese Garden

Take a tour of Rome’s third largest city garden, Villa Borghese, and enjoy a delicious picnic in the park during this half-day tour.

Stroll through the 80-hectare space and admire pond, the statues, the terraces, and of course, the beautiful plants.

Visit the Terrazza del Pincio and enjoy a delicious lunch while taking in the scenery of the park.  Read more about the Villa Borghese Gardens.

4. La Traviata The Original Opera with Ballet

Travelers looking for a unique night out in Rome can look no further than this performance of the opera, La Traviata, in St. Paul Within the Walls Church.

You’ll see one of Italy’s most popular operas performed in a remarkable setting.

You can also opt for a pre-performance dinner at a nearby restaurant in Piazza della Repubblica for a fully-planned evening out.  Read more about La Traviata Ballet.

5. Rooftop Cooking Class and Dinner in Rome: Pasta, Gnocchi and Tiramisù

Learn to make fresh pasta and tiramisu, then dine on the rooftop of a private house near Vatican City and watch the sun go down.

The relaxed Rome cooking experience includes a glass of prosecco, which you’ll sip as you learn to make classic pasta such as fettuccine and ravioli from scratch.

The class is suitable for all ages, and can accommodate vegetarian requests.  Read more about Rooftop Cooking Class and Dinner in Rome: Pasta, Gnocchi and Tiramisù 2019 

6. Rome by Night with Pizza and Gelato

See the Eternal City come to life after dark on a 4-hour, small-group tour of Rome at night. Kick off your evening over pizza in a classic Roman restaurant, then see the ancient sites and monuments with dramatic illumination.

Take in the soaring arches of the Colosseum and the shadowy pillars of the Pantheon, then take a leisurely stroll through Piazza Navona to three picture-perfect fountains.

Pause to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain and savor a cup of local gelato before returning to your hotel. Read more about Rome by Night with Pizza and Gelato 2019.

7. Night in Rome on a Vespa

Experience Rome after dark at your own pace on the back of a Vespa. During the 12-hour rental period, take in the sparkling lights and the night life of this ancient city.

Follow your own itinerary or use the included Official Guide to Rome to construct your tour, which could include Piazza del Popolo, Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona and the romantic Gianicolo lookout point.

Make a pit stop to enjoy your included ‘Rome Eat ‘n’ Run’ picnic. All safety equipment, anti-theft device and Vespa accessories are provided.  Read more about Night in Rome on a Vespa 2019.

8. Monte Gelato Waterfalls Tour and Picnic

Discover Monte Gelato waterfalls: one of the fascinating places near Rome, and enjoy your lunch in a beautiful surrounding

Rome after dark

The Best Restaurant in Rome After Dark!!

You can’t travel to Italy without indulging in some of the world’s most delicious pasta.  I was in Italy for 10 days and I had some of my best meals in Rome.

The culinary scene in Rome at night is nothing short of amazing.  There are a ton of old favorites you must try if you are visiting Rome along with a few new cutting edge restaurants that should also be on your list of restaurants to try in Rome especially for dinner. 

There’s a new up and coming chefs that are putting a modern twist Italy’s classic dishes at contemporary trattorias all over the capital.

Prepare your taste buds to be blown away by authentic Italian classic dishes on your next trip to Rome.

Restaurants You Need To Try In 2020

1. Altrove

Altrove is a restaurant with a mission to promote inclusivity by working with a multicultural staff and offering not only authentic Italian dishes but also other international dishes. 

Open from morning to night, it boasts a café, a pasticceria and a restaurant that combines Mediterranean flavors with the native cuisines of its employees – order a buffet plate at lunch or dishes like tempura, ceviche, couscous and kofta à la carte at dinner.

2. Ego Bistrot

Set on the top floor of the 17th century Residenza Doria Pamphilj, the restaurant combines high-end cuisine with sweeping views of the city rooftops.

The romantic terrace is perfect for dining al fresco and the menu has an ample selection of fresh seafood and shellfish.

A bowl of cacio e pepe is kicked up a notch with red prawns, yuzu and mint, while spaghetti come tossed with monkfish, fennel, olives and grapefruit.

3. Fratelli Mori

Osteria Fratelli Mori is named for Alessandro and Francesco Mori, two brothers with a love for cooking, who serve honest, Roman fare in a relaxed environment.

The menu isn’t exactly surprising but everything is executed to perfection, from the fritti to the desserts.

You’ll find Roman classics like meatballs and a Gricia with artichokes, plus woodfire pizzas that are a cross between Roman and Neapolitan style.

Ingredients are sourced from the nearby Testaccio Market and local suppliers and the wine list is primarily focused on the Lazio region.

4. Imàgo

Set within the storied Hotel Hassler at the top of the Spanish Steps, the Michelin-starred Imàgo was the first rooftop restaurant to open in the 1950s and pairs iconic views with high-end dining. 

Imàgo remains one of Rome’s most exclusive restaurants thanks to its innovative cuisine and old-world charm. Try the capellini aglio, olio e peperoncino (olive oil, garlic and red chili pepper) with smoked eel.

5. Moma

Moma is the latest restaurant to receive a Michelin star in Rome and was recognized for its quality ingredients, distinctive flavors and consistently high standards.

It has been a perennial favorite of Rome’s business crowd who flock to its coffee bar at all hours of the day. Located opposite the US Embassy, the restaurant is named after New York City’s Museum of Modern Art and was conceived as a “gastronomic showcase” for artistic dishes and unusual combinations.

Look out for dishes like persimmon with blue cheese and walnuts and grilled calamari with fresh strawberries and foie gras mousse.

6. SantoPalato

One of the buzziest openings of the past year, Santo Palato is a retro trattoria that has become exceedingly popular with the city’s tastemakers who appreciate the nuance that chef Sarah Cicolini brings out of traditional dishes.

The menu appeals to those with more carnivorous appetites; in fact, the restaurant is part of a larger cultural revival that is seeing offal grace menus across the capital.

At Santo Palato, tripe, sweetbread and tongue make an appearance alongside more palatable classics like Amatriciana and Genovese. Book well in advance because it’s a popular spot.

 7.  Faciolaro 

I stumbled upon this little restaurant name of Faciolaro accidentally while waiting on reservations at the restaurant across the street.

I don’t even remember the name of the restaurant we were waiting on but it was over an hour wait and I was starving after a long day sightseeing so we decided to try Faciolaro and it was the best decision I ever made while exploreing Rome.

because from the time we walked up to be seated through the entire meal I felt nothing but warmth and kindness from the old gentleman whom I think was the owner.

My husband called him our granddad because he took care of us like we were his grandchildren and the pasta was so good, it melted in my mouth like butter, the clams were so tender and juicy I thought I had died and gone to heaven. 

Simply delicious!! We ate entirely too much pasta but as the old saying goes “when in Rome, do as the Roman’s do.”


Best Restaurants in Rome after dinner

Things Not To Miss In Rome at Night:

  • Tossing Coins into the Trevi fountain only!!
  • Walk through Ancient Rome
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee
  • Italian pizza followed by gelato
  • Explore Vatican City
  • grab a bite to eat or enjoy a bottle of wine outside

When to go to Rome:

Most people travel to Rome in the summer, but keep in mind it gets really hot in the afternoons, therefore, the best time to travel is either spring or fall. 

March -May or September -November are best for sightseeing with mild temperatures.

Tourist Alert:  Things NOT to do when in Rome:

  • Hold on to your stuff!! Do not keep money or electronics easily accessible in your backpacks or pockets because Roman pickpockets love this and will spot you right away.   Be smart and keep your documents and money in separate bags and check on them once a day. Do not put valuables in an external pocket. Do not leave anything laying around even for a few minutes. I-phones and iPads are now the most stolen items when traveling because people are preoccupied with sightseeing and they don’t realize someone has stolen their items until it is too late.
  • Fountains are not for washing your feet! Rome is extremely hot in the summer, and you will be tired of walking and your feet will need a break but you cannot dip your feet in any of the fountains because Romans find this very disrespectful.
  • Always beware of pickpockets, especially when traveling on buses, metros and public transport, but also when in line for gelato or pizza because pickpockets’ are always waiting and watching.
  •   Please do not enter a church or museum in spaghetti straps or skimpy attire.  Save that for a date with your significant other.   It is a good idea to keep a big scarf in your backpack so you can quickly wrap it around your shoulders when entering a church or museum.
  •  Do not accept flowers!!! I have never been offered so many flowers and selfie sticks in my life but firmly say No and keep walking.  You will  meet people who will try to scam you by offering you a rose as free gift or because you are so beautiful but when you accept they will ask for money and then harass you for money and or corner you if you refuse so a firm NO and keep walking and make sure you watch your surroundings.

Stay Safe in Rome at Night

With that in mind, here are common sense tips for how to stay safe in Rome (and for just saying safe in general wherever you might be):

  1. Italian emergency numbers.
    • General Emergency: 113
    • Police (Carabinieri): 112
    • Fire (Vigili del fuoco): 115
  2. Sign up for the US STEP:Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The Embassy will know how to contact you in case of an emergency. 
  3. Don’t travel in unfamiliar areas alone. travel with a friend and keep an eye out for each other.  
  4. Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know and don’t leave your drink unattended. This is true no matter the destination and staying safe while traveling especially for ladies.  
  5. Be aware of your surroundings. Rome is notorious for pickpockets who will snatch your panties right off your behind so be very careful.  
  6. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight. Practice common sense
  7. Have copies of your important documents stored electronically,or left with family at home to ensure you can easily replace anything that is stolen, and quickly cancel stolen cards.
  8. Pick secure accommodation. Make sure the hotel you decide to make home in Rome is safe.  I have a list of my top boutique hotels in Rome.  Book your reservation now for Rome.

The unique charm of the narrow cobbled streets, calming Mediterranean climate and delicious authentic Italian food makes Rome one of the most traveled to destinations in the world.  

Exploring Rome at night is one the most romantic things you will ever do whether it’s an intimate dinner in the square,  holding hands strolling through one of the many neighborhoods, or experiencing local wine there is something for everybody.  

It will only to take you a day to enjoy the food, open-air markets, and astonishing historic sites.  Make sure you toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain, contemplate the Colosseum and the Pantheon, and sample gelato before you leave.

Ready to plan your trip, grab my FREE  Vacation Planner to help you plan your trip in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV show!

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