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There is not a place in this world, that I  don’t want to see….

African American Travel Blogger


Welcome to Passports and Grub

Hi, I’m Tomiko, an African American Travel Blogger,  wannabe nomadic traveler and praying for my own travel show someday but until then a Tennessee based Digital Marketer and Content Creator in this digital world.  I am also a wife,  mom, daughter plus I have a day job that allows me to have soap, water, electricity, and let us not forget food.  My family loves adventures of any kind whether it’s traveling to the Amalfi Coast or exploring our own backyard we make sure we seek out adventure and adventure in every destination.

Why a Travel Blog

I am a self-confessed travel junkie and I love to slowly immerse myself in other cultures by spending time with locals, eating where they eat or simply just trying to understand someone else’s point of view. As an African American Travel Blogger, it is important that black travelers are represented in the travel industry.

Do I have a bucket list? Yes, I do but travel for me is not about just ticking off an item and quickly moving on to the next destination – I don’t find this kind of travel fulfilling. I like to travel slow, to experience different cultures and to learn from them and this will help me become not only the best African American Travel Blogger but the absolute Best Travel blogger out there and kick ass creating stories and content for my clients!

African American Travel Blogger


Don’t Be In a Rush To Travel

I often spend days soaking up everything a destination has to offer, meeting the locals, chilling out and looking beyond the tourists traps to get a real feel for the place – maybe wandering off to explore and find little surprises off the beaten path or exploring the countryside on a four-wheeler without any real plans or destination in mind – just to explore and see what I find!

Traveling With My Family

I make traveling and spending quality time with my husband a priority because so many couples forget to date after they have children and allow their kids to consume their entire world.  Guess what?  Seriously, did you know your kids won’t die if you take a weekend trip to reconnect?

African American Travel Blogger

I write about my travels with my hubby, my daughter and the many adventures I take as a solo African American Travel Blogger which all include reviews about – the destinations, adventures, cities, activities, and boutique hotels – that we’ve experienced first hand and we are happy to give our stamp of approval.

Despite the fact, James and I both have full-time careers in addition to James being the photographer for Passports and Gub, Madison my beautiful 11-year-old daughter is my social media manager.   My family travels extensively because travel is a way of life for us and I want my daughter to be exposed to other cultures and to understand there is a big ole world out there and maybe she will take over my travel blog in a few years or maybe her mom will be the first African American Travel Blogger with a show on OWN Network!

YESSSS I am speaking that thang into existence! If y’all know Oprah give her my number.

African American Travel Blogger

Travel Nurtures Your Marriage

I think that there’s no better way to refresh yourself than to take a vacation away from work and the daily grind of everyday life. James and I are committed to taking at least one vacation annually that is just for pleasure and not for the travel blog.

While it seems like we are on vacation when you see those beautiful photographs of me on the beach it is actually a lot of work to get that perfect photo and to make sure I am providing quality service for the brands I work with.

African American Travel Blogger

What’s Your Motto?

Our motto “Don’t Let Age Stop You From Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone,” we’re here to provide you inspiration and convince you not to wait until you retire to get out and see the world and that you can balance a life of travel, have a career and be one helluva a parent without missing a beat.

Join me as we show you how you can live a life of adventure! I am always happy to offer advice, so send me an email to PassportsandGrubs@gmail.com  or head over to my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to check out what my travel junkies are up to this week.

African American Travel Blogger

Get started with planning your own adventure, check out my Start Here page for my most popular posts or head over to the Passports and Grub store and grab you a Graphic Travel Tee or Travel Mug.

I am on a journey to unravel the secrets of the world’s most unique, under-the-radar and beautiful places. Whether you are a lover of boutique hotels, street food, luxury travel or just prefer to relax on the beach away from the crowds; Please subscribe to my email list for uplifting photography, guides & stories from my many journeys and inspiration for the road less traveled.

You can travel and live your life on your own terms.

African American Travel Blogger

My Favorite Place on Earth!

Some places have pulled me in more deeply than others. Costa Rica is that place for me! My husband and I can explore Costa Rica over and over again without getting tired of this beautiful country!

Costa Rica has everything I need from lush forests, wildlife reserves, and tropical beaches. My hubby and I fell in love with Costa Rica and Florblanca a small luxury boutique hotel on the Nicoya Penisula.

African American Travel Blogger

The hubby and I actually got engaged at Florblanca so if you are looking for a wonderful and spacious oceanfront villa set in a beautiful tropical garden look no further. All villas are secluded and on their own, so you feel very private to do what grown folk do.

From the lush greenery, palms and other tropical plants, combined with howler monkeys and other animals you will think you have died and gone to heaven or at least that how I feel when I travel to Costa Rica.

I’ve hardly scratched the surface of where I want to go, and what I want to do, and chances are I’m going to be writing about most of it.

If you are looking for a Travel Blogger to inspire you in this digital world well guess what here I am!

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